Complex CNC Machining

Lyons provides complex CNC machining services for the most critical applications, including precision medical machining. When your specifications require attention to the smallest details, call us. Our CNC technicians work closely with our quality group to ensure correlation and adherence to all specifications. Hand deburring, special finish requirements, heat treating, coatings, assembly and welding as well as other secondary services are provided. Miniature parts and mechanisms are our specialty. We also provide larger parts up to 6” x 12” x 24” using a variety of different materials. Quantities vary from one to thousands.

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CNC Part Gallery

Precision CNC Equipment

Lyons has the equipment to meet the most complex CNC machining requirements and includes the following:

  • Multi-Axis Capabilities
  • Through the Spindle Coolant
  • Renishaw Probes
  • High-Speed Spindles
  • Superfine Finish Capabilities