Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is often the difference in beating your competitor to market. Rapid prototyping is also most successful when the company that makes the prototypes is a good candidate for the production. That’s why at Lyons we place a tremendous amount of emphasis on our R&D and prototyping capabilities.Left to right - Complex Rapid Prototyping with Metal Stamping, Electrical Rapid Prototype Metal Stamping, Wire EDM and Forming of Prototype Part, Difficult Multi Piece Medical Device Prototype Assembly

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Whether a Precision Assembly, CNC Machined Component or Intricate Metal Stampings, Lyons is Ready to Assist With Your Prototype Today.

The prototyping process is not only a logical place to enhance, modify and test component features, but also manufacturing methods. Partnering with a potential production house for your prototyping needs is also an ideal time to review the component’s features and tolerances to minimize cost. Lyons specializes in metal stamping prototypes and is ready to take on your complex rapid prototyping needs.

rapid-prototyping - difficult welded assembly with metal stampings and tubing

Why Lyons for Your Prototyping Requirements?

We don’t just make parts. We will review the requested components and guide you through the process, making recommendations as we go. As part of our design review process we will make recommendation that may enhance product performance and reliability as well as reduce cost.

Rapid Prototyping Equipment

Lyons maintains an array of high-tech equipment to meet the most complex rapid prototyping requirements.

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